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Membership is open to anyone who owns an American Coach Motor Home,  including-  Limited, Allegiance, Dream, Heritage, Eagle, Patriot, Revolution and Tradition….

Our little group of intrepid traveling souls has just celebrated our 30th Anniversary as a vibrant and exciting motor home club exclusively for the owners of American Coach Motor Homes.  


There is a national chapter, which holds periodic events at exciting venues… as well as a number of regional chapters, each of whom holds rallies and events- where we come together, learn new things about our passion of Motor Homing across this great Country and enjoy renewing friendships, making new friends and sharing great food and entertainment.


You couldn’t ask for a more fun group of folks to travel with…  Join online today  – become a member, make new friends, have lots more fun with your American Coach Motor Home…. remember our slogan:  “Having more fun than should be legally allowed….”

Rally Around the Country !

Remember…. It’s all about having fun, meeting new people, making new friends – at left here are a few snaps of National and Regional rallies from good times gone by – join and get with the program – more slide shows are HERE

We are looking forward to welcoming you aboard –

How our Chapters work:

In addition to the ACA National Chapter, there are many other chapters, generally based on their geographic location.  Each updates their activities every other month, both here and in the magazine- to let members know what they are doing.  Here are the chapter names – and the link to their current news and rally info …..

Great Lakes Missouri Valley Western Regional
Northeast South Central Southeast

More About Us….

Listed here are several of the most accessed links on the site.  Clicking the “icon” beside any title will take you there.


Our brand is one of the oldest continuously produced motor homes in existence.  It all started with Fleetwood’s entry into the luxury motor home market back in 1987. 

Fleetwood had constructed a new facility in Decatur, Indiana with a completely separate line to facilitate the construction of the then existing “Fleetwood Limited” motor home.

This coach was slick, aerodynamic and classy, and subsequently led to the production of the incredibly beautiful motor homes that you see on the road today.

The club itself was launched in May of 1990 with the first “Limited Owners International Travel Club” rally in Hemet, California.  If you wish to read more – under the “our community” tab above, select “Our History”.

Rallies and Events

Rallies listed by date – for all chapters of ACA – with activity related information.

Photographic History of Past Events

Photos of National and Regional rallies from 2006 until today.

ACA Magazine Previous Issues On Line

Our ACA magazine is sent to each member quarterly.  The collection here catalogs several years of the publication, and is in a format for you to either read on line or download as you see fit.

REV Group Video - where we've been / going

Please take a few moments to watch this video highlighting where American Coach and the Association started, as well as our great strides over the years.  Three decades of Motor Home Luxury.

The Scholarship Project

It seems that every group has its own pet projects – this one is exceptional – for many years, ACA has donated 10 scholarships to graduating High School seniors who are children or grandchildren of American Coach employees – to help them continue their education.

ACA Salutes Our Advertisers and Sponsors

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Ask RV Debbie

As we rally or travel together…. and get to know each other better… most of us have done some interesting things – successful repairs – adding do dads – just learning by experience.  We all like to share – and often, we are able to post those successes here in our DIY/Technical section – maybe you have something you’d like to share – we’ll be happy to post it here for you….  

DIY and Technical

Motor Home repairs and upgrades – this covers a wide range of topics including DIY repairs and vendor adjustment and information repairs.
Tech Tips and solutions – this segment is shown here, with permission of the owner of RV-Parts Plus.  The topics cover a myriad of updates and repairs – almost all of which are applicable to our American Coach Motor Homes.  You’ll find a ton of great information on this series of pages.
Motor home related videos – We are very fortunate to have as a new member, someone who possesses extraordinary “DIY” skills.  Chris Miskell is sharing some of these with our membership.  In real life, he is a Boeing 717 Captain for Delta.  We appreciate his sharing with us.  All of the videos run from his You Tube channel.  There are only a few at this time, but more to come
Our listing of “favorite links” includes links to vendors and suppliers relating to RV Service and Upgrades, as well as links to the websites of many of our major suppliers- each having technical support departments that just may help you in a big way should you find yourself in need of assistance out there.

ACA and RV Industry Related News

Keeping our Membership informed about the club and the RV Industry

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ACA Across America Magazine – On Line

Just in case you want to see what we've been doing and where we've been traveling for the past decade - all of the issues of ACA Across America are here and on line.  They can be read right here, or...