2017 Shawnee, OK Photos

This is short tour of the Shawnee, OK rally…  The first gallery of photos are of a new size and pixel count than we’ve been able to use during the past several years…. Technology moves forward- and your views of these photos of the rally are enhanced by those efforts.  (click to enlarge any thumbnail)

The second gallery is a series of close-ups from the event- you may see someone you know.  The third gallery is of the multi-chapter pre-rally we held before the national….  it went very well, and in fact we had 82 people attend the pizza party…. The weather was really great the entire week….  The food and crowd was outstanding…. From all indications, everyone had a great time.

All of the usual suspects were there… including Spartan, Freight Liner and Randy’s crew…. On the rating’s scale- this one rated really close to a “10” figuring in the great sites, weather and food…..