ACA National Rally –2019 Montgomery, TX

Registration disclaimer:

Please read the following before clicking below to be taken to the online credit card registration form;

In consideration of the American Coach Association or any of its Chapters, collectively referred herein as the “ACA”, accepting this reservation for the Rally listed above, I (we) agree to hold harmless, release, discharge and indemnify the ACA, its officers, directors, representatives, agents, servants, employees and/or volunteers and other organizers of the rally including any insurers or others acting on behalf of the ACA of and from any and all claims, debts, liabilities and and/or causes of action, whether known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, arising out of or in connection with my (our) attendance at the Rally, or traveling to or from the Rally. I (We) agree that we will bring no claims, demands, actions or causes of action against the ACA based upon the foregoing.


Please note:

By clicking the registration link below, you do hereby agree to the aforementioned, as if it were your written, legal signature.


(If you wish to retain a copy of the completed registration for your records- be sure to print the page BEFORE you click to go out to pay – security software is in place to prevent anyone from “backing up”… to a previous page… )

Once you have linked out to use your credit card, remember that you do not need to have a Pay Pal account- you may opt to use Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express.

Rally Cancellation Policy:

Our intent is to only retain the actual out of pocket costs charged to the Association for a cancellation.  If you register by credit card and cancel after 30 days, a small portion of your registration form will be retained to offset those fees.  If you cancel less than 30 days from the date of the rally, whatever we are responsible for on your behalf will be retained.  We do our best to refund, it is not our intent to be punitive.  The Golden Rule applies as best we can.  In this instance, for this rally- Cancellations received after April 1st, 2019 may not receive a full refund.


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