Sue and I sincerely hope that everyone is remaining healthy and as happy as can be during these trying times.  Nothing is more important than family, both immediate and extended.

The unprecedented situation has resulted in numerous regional and chapter rallies being cancelled, at least through May.

For us, several trips have been impacted.  A trip to Albuquerque, the western regional in Camp Verde, Arizona and in all likelihood our trip to Hawaii for our granddaughters high school graduation.  Her senior trip and prom has been cancelled, and by the time you receive this issue, I suspect her graduation ceremony as well.  We will just head there when things calm down.

The future for us all is bright.  The country will survive; our corporate partners will survive as will our vendors and friends.

You may have seen that FMCA has made a decision to cancel all events for the entire year.  We have not and we currently aren’t under any pressure to do so.

This places an entirely new opportunity for our National Rally scheduled for November of 2020 in Marksville, La.  As I write you, this event is still on and I’m optimistic that it’s being this far out from our current national situation, will allow for us to move forward with our plans.

Perhaps, those in the eastern part of our country was wise in suggesting the National Rally be held in the late fall!

So I would encourage you to register for our 2020 National Rally.  We now have two reasons to celebrate; our 30th anniversary as an organization and to celebrate our recovery as a nation.  This will be a huge event providing us with an outlet to see each other and have the best of times.

Your registration is fully refundable should any circumstance nationally change.

Stay healthy and please pray for our first responders, our service personnel and our country.

Kind regards,
Tony Ford,
American Coach Association National President