A Letter from Lenny Razo – 

2021 is in full swing, and it is nice to gather with family and friends once again. There has been a lot going on here in Decatur.

First, I want to let you know that the RV Division of REV Group has a new leader. Mike Lanciotti
was appointed as the President of the RV Division in May of this year. Mike brings many years
of experience in the industry. Mike is the former VP/GM at our sister company Renegade RV.
They have a great history of building top-notch Super C coaches, and we are happy to have
Mike lead the way for all of us in the RV division. For us, there will be no change. We look
forward to working with Mike to continue to grow and expand the American Coach network.
I also want to mention how fortunate we are to have so many great American Coach owners. So
many of you are on your third, fourth, or even fifth American Coach. We are so proud to have
the best RV Club in the industry. We know our coaches are all about creating memories that last
a lifetime, which gets us the most excited about what we do for a living. Our great customers’
loyalty means we get to know you personally, and that is something special and unique to
American Coach. You are our extended family.

We also want to stand behind you and our products. That is why last year, we launched the
exclusive American Coach Platinum Experience. The PX program offers the best RV warranty,
backed by the best RV Service available, with access to a dedicated support team. There is
more to come, so please be sure to check out this exciting program at AmericanCoach.com.
Lastly, I am so humbled and grateful to you all for your continued support of our employees and
their families. You have once again stepped up and awarded scholarships to the children and
grandchildren of our employees. That is an amazing gesture.

But you didn’t stop there. The American Coach Association also donated to the
REV Sports Complex and sponsored a dugout at the all-new ball fields. Your fabulous donations
will continue to help the kids in our community learn valuable skills and life lessons
for generations to come. On behalf of myself, the employees who build these fantastic coaches,
and our community, we thank you.

Lenny Razo,
Director of Sales