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Hello ACA Family, I hope all is well and everyone is yet surviving the pandemic.

Thank God we were finally able to have our first GLC Rally this year, August 21-26. I have to give kudos to our VP, Mike (Linda) Wilson, for spearheading this rally. Our rally was held at Hearthside Grove Lake Erie, Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH.  The managers Eric and Diane really bent over backwards to make sure we had an outstanding rally. They put us in the very capable hands of Hannah, and she made sure that everyone got settled in. To help us plan our visit to what Geneva-On-the-Lake has to offer, resort managers Eric and Diane welcomed the GLC with an evening wine and cheese, and a very informative great presentation from a member of the local Chamber of Commerce.  She provided history, along with pointing out a variety of things people might be interested in from the covered bridges, restaurants, lighthouses, and scenic drives along Lake Erie. 

Mike set up Mobile Wash to provide wash and wax services for our coaches. Parker & Son mobile BBQ provided a very tasty dinner.

There was a very successful fishing trip on Lake Erie, a covered bridge tour, beautiful weather, and enjoyable times with our GLC family. We were honored to have the NE President Claudia (Jack) Rutherford join us. We hope they enjoyed visiting with the GLC family.

Then I get a call from Bob Carani, former GLC President, former ACA National VP, present ACA Magazine Editor AND budding movie star (check out the American Coach 30th Anniversary video), and all the other titles he has conquered, asking if we could get in a Regional Rally this year. Kudos go out again to Bob (Kathy) for putting together another GLC rally within 3 weeks that was outstanding.

August 24-28, GLC, along with NE and SE, was back together at the lovely SunnyBrook RV Resort in South Haven, MI. Again, we started things off by having mobile wash services available for our coaches. SunnyBrook manager Beth welcomed us with tasty grilled hamburgers. We also had a Taco Nite, and not to be outdone by his wife Beth, Jim SunnyBrook manager of sales, scooped us up a nice ice cream social, along with providing a brief and informative presentation on the history of the SunnyBrook area.

Again, we were blessed with beautiful weather, time to enjoy the South Haven area, and more enjoyable times with our GLC family.

I always thank God for allowing me to do what I love doing: traveling in the RV, with my family, my current friends, and making new friends. Safe travels to everyone, and treat everyone like you want to be treated. Til the next time,

Jerry Pickett, Jr – Great Lakes Chapter