Great Lakes Chapter

The summer has begun and those calendar pages are turning faster and faster. It’s a beautiful time of year in the Great Lakes areas. Days are warm and nights are cool.

Our chapter summer rally schedule will begin in July with a return trip to the Springfield, Illinois area. Former GLC’ers, Bill and Mary Riggs have agreed to help us with an itinerary that will ensure that we see everything. Springfield is the state capital of Illinois and right in the heart of “Lincoln Land.” We’ll tour the only house Abraham Lincoln ever owned, the spectacular Abraham Lincoln Library & Presidential Museum and his final resting place in the Oak Ridge Cemetery. There’s lots more Lincoln to do, too. We’ll tour the Dana-Thomas House, Frank Lloyd Wright’s first “blank check” commission. Route 66 buffs can enjoy Shea’s Gas Station and the Cozy Dog Drive-In, two internationally renowned must-see Route 66 landmarks. This rally will be fun.

In August, we’ll rally in Rising Sun, Indiana. There are some delightful small towns in this area and a casino just down the way from our campground. We’ll take a day to visit the Museum of Creation as a group. Check out the museum’s website; there’s too much to describe adequately in the space I’m allotted.

In the meantime, on behalf of the Great Lakes Chapter, we wish all of you many miles of good health, good friendships, peace and love.

Bev DeAngelis