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This page is just for fun- to try to get interest on things for sale or trade that may have been lurking in your bays or garage.  Think of it as a garage sale online….. A few simple rules- 1.  Must be RV related  2.  Must provide your email and ACA number to be posted.  3.  Please send an email to cancel posting when sold or disposed of.  4.  No livestock, pets or errant teenagers will be accepted or posted.  5.  Maximum posting- 6 months- may re-post if needed, notify Web Guy.

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We’re looking for something…. hope you can help….

We have a 2005 American Tradition 40L – the previous owner of this motor home had taken out the sleeper sofa…. and I need one to put back in.  I have been looking for a used one for this model with no results.

It was also suggested that some other models and even in other years, may have used the same size couch – so I have included the dimensions in case you have a helpful idea as to what I may be able to do to solve this issue.

The previous occupant of the now open area was approximately 80 inches wide – the back itself can be around 33 inches or even slightly higher – the depth (back of sofa to front) can be anything – Just has to fit through the door.

So, if you have any inventory – or can point me to some used items wholesaler – I’d be very thankful….  We appreciate any leads you can give us.

James Johnson