The 40 Mile Point Lighthouse Guest Keeper Program:

As ACA members, we are always looking for great ways to have fun and give back.  In May, 3 couples journeyed to a small town on Lake Huron, MI to act as Guest Lighthouse Keepers for the 40 Mile Point Lighthouse Society-  a group of very dedicated volunteers who have fully restored the lighthouse properties, and have turned it into a living museum.  The lighthouse is still active today – interestingly, the Fresnel lens that powers the navigational aid each night just celebrated its 100th Anniversary.

Terry and Belinda Moorefield have been volunteering there for years, and convinced Rich and Nancy Moore and Doug and Janice Thompson to accompany them this spring…. we all spent nearly 3 weeks helping out and essentially serving as docents while describing the history of the site as visitors came by.  Please check out these photos- and if you would like to learn more about this fantastic volunteer opportunity – give Terry (Muffin) Moorefield a call, or follow this link: 40 Mile

(Note:  some of the photos were taken at other venues nearby as we explored the area…)