Hello all you Happy Wanderers out there.  We hope you all had a great winter and are now getting ready to head out to all the ACA Rallies the chapters have planned for the summer months.

By the time you read this the 2019 Montgomery, Texas ACA National Rally will be just beginning and we hope everyone will have a great time.  Betty and I have to rush home to Grayling, Michigan for our granddaughter’s high school graduation the first of June; that’s why we couldn’t stick around after the rally.

We want to welcome these new members of the Happy Wanderers. They are:
From Florida:
Russell & Debra Seefried, Gary & Frances Nicholson, Ruben & Terry Rivera,
Roger & Kimberly Roy, Keith & Lynnea Landers, Hall & Mary Overeall.
From North Carolina:
Gary & Kathy McMillan, Donald & Virginia Eitner
From Minnesota:
Gary & Pat Morrison

The Happy Wanderers are in need of a new Treasurer.  If someone in the chapter would be interested, contact myself, Brian or Candy Diggins about taking over that position.  The present treasurer is Rita Adams who sadly lost her husband Gene and she would like to pass the position on since she no longer has a motorhome and will no longer be traveling with the Happy Wanderers. Thanks for hanging in there Rita, we’re trying.

We will be on our way to the Montgomery, Texas, Lake Conroe KOA directly from Punta Gorda, Florida via route 10 and as I recall the road gets rough along the way.  The last time we traveled that route I thought the motorhome was going to rattle apart somewhere around Louisiana.  We will make a stop to see some longtime friends in the little town of Devine,Texas just below San Antonio before the final leg of our journey to Montgomery.

Just as a matter of interest you might want to take in a few sights that we see traveling back and forth from our home state of Michigan to Florida.  Just outside of our home town of Grayling, traveling down route 72 there is an unusual road sign.  We are used to deer crossing signs but this sign, is a Tank crossing sign. In that area training for National Guard units take place at Camp Grayling.  Camp Grayling is a premier, full spectrum, four season joint training center, providing year round training support and high quality facilities to enable military commanders and civilian leaders to meet their unit readiness requirements.  The camp provides a wide variety of training such as large artillery, mortar, tank ranges, rifle ranges and maneuver courses etc.

In the Ann Arbor area, you will find Domino’s Farms which was founded by Tom Monaghan founder of Domino’s Pizza Franchises.  The farm is also home to several different animals such as cattle, chickens, ducks, goats, lamas, Peacocks, Pigs, Ponies, Sheep and Badger the Cat. The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library is located in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area also.

As you travel further south you can stop at the men’s toy store Cabela’s. They have everything for all outdoors activities, fishing, hunting, camping no matter what you need you’ll find it there.

Further down the road in Wapakoneta, Ohio is the Armstrong Air and Space Museum, home of Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon.

That’s just a sample of the many things to see on our way down.

Your officers are working hard on the future of the chapter and we welcome any and all suggestions that may forward our progress in coming together for camaraderie and enjoyment.  With our diversity, we plan our “Rendezvous” around Pre, and/or Post, Rallies at the ACA National, Regional and other Chapter Rallies.

Until next time, consider being an officer of a fine chapter.  Safe travels and see you at the next rally.


Bill Makowski