HELLO to all the HAPPY WANDERERS out there. We are writing this article while attending the 2019 ACA National Rally at Lake Conroe KOA in Montgomery, Texas.

HWC members Candy & Brian Diggins had a great trip to the ACA National Rally stopping at the Wind Creek Casino and a few days in the French Quarter of New Orleans where they visited the French Market, Jackson Square, the Saint-Louis Cathedral, the Cabildo Museum and restaurants before continuing on to Lake Conroe KOA in Montgomery, TX.

Upon arrival at Lake Conroe KOA Brian & Candy started to prepare for the HWC sponsored Pre-Rally Breakfasts to begin the next morning. They also assisted the Southeast Chapter with the Pre-Rally “Happy Hours” that were fantastic. Reacquainting with old members and meeting new members from both the Southeast and Happy Wanderers chapters was a highlight of the “Happy Hours”. The Continental breakfasts and evening “Happy Hours” with all the fabulous food were a success thanks to the volunteers.

The National Rally followed the Pre-Rally with evening “Happy-Hours” which allowed time to meet other members from the different chapters all over the USA & Canada. The catered food followed and the caterer did a great job serving a variety of meal items that were delicious. After the food there were several prizes awarded in the evenings and many ACA members donated their cash awards to the Non-profit organizations present including the “VA Dogs of Texas” and the “ACA Scholarship Fund”. Music and dancing followed several nights.

The Happy Wanderers officers held several discussions regarding the future of the Happy Wanderers Chapter and the lack of volunteers to fill the soon to be vacated Officer positions and continued this discussion while at the ACA National Rally. The situation looked bad as we considered whether the Happy Wanderers Chapter would need to be DISSOLVED or MERGED with another chapter. HWC officers made one more request to members, and we are now beginning to get a few responses/inquiries. We can use a few more inquirers and hopefully the inquiries will turn into candidates. Once the officers have all the information it will be presented to the HW members to cast their vote. Hopefully all will be completed before the end of the 2019 year.

Remember that for there to be options for the HWC member volunteers must step forward to fill the open positions. I can attest that as a new officer I was apprehensive about the effort that would be required, and I can honestly say it was much easier than I was expecting. The HWC officers have worked together in fulfilling the necessary tasks of our chapter, regardless of which officer had the responsibility, making all our task easier. The reward of accomplishment has been much greater than the effort.

The HWC Officers once again are requesting our members to volunteer to fill one of the vacant Officer positions (President; Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary} being vacated at the end of 2019. As we have stated several times previously “without Volunteers it is hard for our chapter to survive”. The HWC Officers feel our prayers have been partially answered by the inquiries. We are now praying that some of the inquiries will turn into volunteers to fill to the open positions.

We at HWC encourage our members to sign up early to attend as many of the following rallies as possible; [Refer to the ACA Magazine for details]

June 7-12 2019 Double J RV Park – Chatham, IL
Sponsored by the Great Lakes Chapter
Aug 11-16 2019 Little Farm RV Resort – Rising Sun, IN
Sponsored by the Great Lakes Chapter
Aug 15-18 2019 York’s RV Resort – Greenfield, CA
Sponsored by the SoCal Chapter
Sep 1-4 2019 Jackson Rancheria – Jackson, CA
Sponsored by the NorCal/Norwest Chapter
Sep 12-16 2019 Greenbriar Campground – Smoky Mntns
Sponsored by the Missouri Valley
Sep 19-22 2019 Adirondack Balloon Festival – Lake George, NY
Sponsored by the Northeast Chapter
Sep 29-Oct 4 2019 Pine Ridge RV Park – Birch Run, MI
Sponsored by the Great Lakes Chapter
Oct 17-21 2019 Creekside RV Resort – Punta Gorda, FL
Sponsored by the Southeast Chapter
Oct 12-14 2019 Tapo Canyon – Simi Valley, CA
Sponsored by the SoCal Chapter
Dec 5-9 2019 SE Annual Christmas Rally at SunNFun RV – Sarasota, FL
Sponsored by the Southeast Chapter

Communications options

Facebook – Happy Wanderers-ACA, click on like and become a member of the page, post your updates. E-Mail address – happy.wanderers@aol.com is a quick and easy way to get in touch with your officers. For those interested in seeing some of the old

HW pictures of past years pull up an old Blog – acahappywanderers.blogspot.com.

Chapter History information –
The Happy Wanderers Chapter with our diversity plan our “RENDEZVOUS” around Pre and/or Post Rallies at the ACA National, Regional and other Chapter Rallies, so keep checking our communication options for updates. We are the only chapter with “HAPPY” in our name and we welcome all ACA members to join us at any of our events and welcome suggestions that may increase our membership and coming together for camaraderie. The “Happy Wanderers” chapter was established for our FUN, FOOD and FELLOWSHIP. We do not compete for members and encourage our members to join other chapters. “Happy Wanderers” members enjoy sharing our RV experience as “Full Timers” with other member just starting the RV experience. The “Happy Wanderers” includes members that have been on the road “Full Time” for 17 years such as Betty & Bill Makowski and Hank & Selene Montgomery who welcome questions about their experiences as Full Timers.

Bill Makowski – Chapter President