Hello from MacPack! Hope this letter finds everyone enjoying the open road!

Sarah and I are home after a great National Rally in Conroe, TX. It was fun seeing so many of our friends, and getting to meet new ones. I must say it was a somewhat challenging trip getting there and back. We left home May 13 from North Carolina and headed to Tennessee to meet up with Marge and Dick Bender as we planned to caravan to Texas. Pulled into the campground the first night and heard a terrible sound as the steps retracted! Got under the bus and determined, yep, we were going to need a new motor! Never realized just how high these coaches were until we had to go in and out without the steps! Luckily for us the Benders had a stool that could adjust height, so with it at the highest level we were able to get in and out without too much difficulty. Unfortunately, that was not the only challenge. As the Benders leveled their coach the second night the uneven site caused the coach to twist and their driver’s side front windshield cracked! We managed to get it taped enough so that we were able to continue on, and fortunately the weather cooperated, as using the windshield wipers was not an option! The good news is that we both were able to get our issues resolved while in Texas for the rally. On a positive note, while the roads we traveled were some of the roughest and toughest we’ve been over, our coach met that challenge and came through like a champ!

We are excited to welcome our newest MacPack members, Jill and Chad Jestes, and look forward to seeing them at many rallies in the future.

Following the National Rally several members of MacPack gathered in Sevierville, TN at the Riverside Campground. It was great to get together and catch up on everyone’s adventures since our rally at Emerald Isle last April.

We were sorry to discover that this was Randy Hendricks last National Rally as he will be retiring this year; however, we are happy for him as he begins a new chapter in his life. We certainly will miss him!

It was announced that the 2020 National Rally will be held in Louisiana at the Paragon Casino.
This rally will celebrate the 30th anniversary of ACA so watch for future updates and information!

Safe travels wherever you may roam.

Trim Sawtelle