We are at our Florida winter home since Thanksgiving.  Ronnie owns a little piece of an Okeechobee RV Park called the Big “O”.  It is located at the North end of Lake Okeechobee.  Our lot touches part of a small lake within the Park.  In our back yard we have alligators, large turtles, Sandhill Cranes (our pets Ozzie and Izzy) among many other birds and fish.  This is so different from our backyard at The Great Smoky Mountains National Park where we have black bear, deer, rabbits and squirrels.  It is all so good.  Our American Eagle Coach allows us to enjoy this wonderful, versatile life God has given.  We thank Him always for our blessings.

I love not having to pack.

As I said before, our chapter hasn’t been real active lately but there’s always lots to do with the other chapters.

There is only one time for love and kindness, it is now.


Barbara Weeks,
President Missouri Valley