ACA Magazine Article for May 2019

It’s that time again, we must start getting our coach ready to leave our wonderful Florida winter home at the Big O in Okeechobee. The living is easy here, there are pelicans overhead, palm trees swaying in the breeze, an alligator in the large pond out back of our lot.  We have two sandhill cranes (mate for life) that come to be fed, we give them a little bread. It is funny, Ronnie and be walking in the street, they recognize him and go immediately to our back yard.  We will miss them AND the fresh tomatoes we pick about every three weeks. We get a five gallon bucket full, all degrees of ripeness for $12.00, wipe with vinegar and water, wrap in newspaper and they save real good.  We are going to take some home to family.

We will head north to Missouri to Ronnie’s farm, spend time with his family, hold and kiss his (our) new great grandson born March 12. When we are ready we will head to our Smoky Mountain home in Tennessee. Too bad you have to get old to get to do that.  We will return to Missouri in May to pick up our clean, packed American Eagle and head for Lake Conroe, Texas for our National Rally the 18th. Ron has a huge building to store when not in use.  We look forward to seeing our “Bonus Friends” again.

Life is here today, gone tomorrow, so sow the right seeds—you’ll be eating from your own garden.

Until we meet again,


Barbara Weeks, President
Missouri Valley