It is hard to write an article when we have had no activity for several months now.  It Is a good thing our ACA members can attend any rally offered by other Chapters.  We are looking forward to attending our 30th anniversary National Rally November 1 at Paragon Casino RV Park at Marksville, LA.  It will be so good seeing our “bonus” Friends again.

We have done a lot of hibernating which can easily become a habit.  Our Smoky Mountain black bear hibernate in winter and are out in full force now.  In July we had A mama bear with three cubs in our back yard.  Mama ate all our bird food while the Cubs messed around.  We had a repairman come and while he was here, the mama and two babies got into his truck where he had left some tacos. They are so hungry and the Wildfire we had in November 2016 really hurt their food supply.  It is against the law to feed them.  Until we meet again.

Barbara Weeks
Missouri Valley