We arrived the week before Thanksgiving at our Missouri home and brought the ‘05 Eagle out of storage. We live in it while there since Ronnie’s daughter occupies his Home. All was well when we left the last of September. The aquahot was not working Properly so Lloyd DeGerald came over 200 miles to fix. You never know when something will go wrong. We stayed warm with electric heaters in the meantime.  There is always a way. After Thanksgiving with Ronnie’s family we traveled two days To Okeechobee, Florida for the winter. What a life. We really enjoy the warm weather and living in our American coach.  January 11th we are looking forward to attending South East Regional rally at Lazy Days near Tampa. Missouri Valley has been fairly inactive but there is always lots to do through the more active chapters.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all a happy, healthy New Year!


Barbara Weeks, President
Missouri Valley Chapter