Northeast Chapter News


Greeting’s members!

With this article, Christmas has been celebrated, New Years celebrated, resolutions made and hopefully none have been broken already. Winter in our area is not a time with lots of camping activity.

Activities include some much needed repairs to coaches, maintenance is always needed and planning for upcoming camping trips, including the national rally in May at Camp Hatteras.

Many of our chapter members are snowbirds and head to warmer weather for the winter months enjoying many resorts and homes getting away from the anticipated snow and cold weather. Brrrrr

May is approaching quicker than anticipated with still lots of planning for the national rally occurring. Many things still to do and consider.  Details are included in the magazine and don’t forget about the registration deadline. Registrations have slowed down over the holidays but anticipate more will come through before the April deadline.  As more things get finalized, updated agendas and information will be shared either by direct personalized email or email blast.

Be safe, be careful and enjoy the winter months!

Michael Tanger
Northeast Chapter of the ACA