Greetings from Snowy NE Chapter.  We have had several snow falls this past week and more is projected for later this week.  As I write this article, I wonder why I am here and not in sunny Florida with several of the chapter members.  Hmm.

Since this is my first article as President of the NE Chapter, I will introduce myself.  I am Michael Tanger and I live in Ambler Pennsylvania with my family.  I am retired after working 30 years in health insurance.  I have a 2011 Revolution and I try to get out camping some where at least once a month from April to October.  I thoroughly enjoy my coach and over the past couple of months, have been making repairs, doing maintenance, and customizing various things in the coach.  January took me to the REV Group in Decatur IN for a repair on the full wall slide. Thankfully, nothing major.

With the announcement of the 2021 ACA National Rally in Granby, CO, several members have committed to attending the rally.  Several members are planning to make it a long sightseeing trip before the rally, after the rally and/or doing both.  Stops shared include Memphis, Santa Fe, Moab and St. Vrain State Park and various campgrounds around Granby.  Several members will be using the trip to visit family before and after the rally as well.  Hopefully more will decide to go as well.  The COVID pandemic has affected us all so as we travel, be sure to wear your masks, practice social distancing, and wash your hands frequently.  Vaccinations are underway in the NE area as they are all over the country.

With the surge in RV ownership and camping to get out of quarantining at home, members are making plans for the summer months now.  You must plan early to get a spot at your planned/favorite campground.

We are in the beginning stages of planning a rally for the NE Chapter aiming for the end of August.  More details to come.

From the NE Chapter, stay warm.  Stay safe. Make your camping plans for the coming year.

Michael Tanger