As I look back through the winter issues, this issue is always the toughest to write.  Either your coach is stored and winterized, or you have headed to warmer climates.  I tried to get some info from our NE members, a quick recap from the Moorefields summer travels:

Belinda and I traveled over 10,000miles last summer in almost 7 months! Lighthouses, whales, wallerous, saloons, Great Buffalo roundup, Albuquerque Balloon fiesta, and so much more. RV trip of a lifetime! 

From the Baskins:  We are in Brooksville again this year till mid March. At the end of April we are going to Italy and Greece with 2 other couples for 18 days which includes 3 days in Rome 12 days on cruise ship and 3 days in Venice. Also included Turkey, Montenagro and several stops in Greece.

We are at our winter home in River Bend Motorcoach Resort, along with many AC members…D’Angelis’s, Goergens, Hills, Harringtons, Branigans, Bullocks, Andersons, Mike Tanger, Moore’s, Dinsdales, and my apologies for anyone I forgot!  Super proud to announce that the Bullocks are taking delivery on their new Dream that they purchased at the Tampa Super Show.  Congrats to them!  They also live right here in RB, can’t wait till they return in their new coach!

That’s about it for this issue, stay warm and safe!  Keep your eyes open as you travel, you never know who you may meet along the way!

Claudia Rutherford, NE Chapter