We left off last article from our rally in the Adirondacks of New York State.  We enjoyed a great week, starting at Moose Hillock Camping Resort in lake George.  Our hosts, Brenda and James Anderson started with a corn hole tournament complete with a beautiful wooden bowl prize for the winner made by Brenda’s cousin.  We also attended the Lake George dinner theater, great meal and play.  The Lake George boat tour was fantastic, beautiful views and homes!!

We moved over to Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport for the Lake George International Balloon Festival.  Andersons had arranged for us to park right across the street for spectacular views over the next 5 days.  Balloons from the crack of light to sunset! One of our members even scored a ride with one of the balloonists!

Since we were dry camping, I reached out to NE members Belinda and Terry Moorefield for some tips about dry camping.  They have lots of experience and love to share!  Many of us attend races and events where we are without the luxury of full hookups.  These are ONLY suggestions and tips. The best idea is to “practice” dry camping before you actually dry camp!  Try turning off your water source and circuit breakers.  Back up even further, and do your battery maintenance before you go.  When you need to top off your batteries, crank your engine over.  This is much more efficient and your neighbors will love you.  Takes way less time! Turn off your inverter, unless you have an electric refrig. Lots of common sense tips:  use paper plates and plastic utensils, better yet, eat out or cook out!  Don’t forget to use the restroom before you leave the restaurant or store!  Face North or East in the summer to avoid heat coming thru your windshield, in winter face South or West.  Post it notes here and there in the coach to remind you to use minimal water; on the fridge to tell you what shelf everything is on, figure out what you are going in for before you open the door.  If it’s hot out and you are running the generator, open your gen slide about 6 inches to release the heat and keep from coming into the coach.  Educate yourself as to what amps are required for each appliance. 

Anything that produces heat eats amps off your batteries!  If you have florescent 4 ft bulbs over your sink, change them out to LED’s.  Available at Walmart very reasonably.  Time to shower??  Ladies, this is one of my favorites, go to Walmart hair salon, or any salon for a hair wash and dry.  Never thought of that till fellow member Wendy Gaynor suggested this.  With long hair, saves lots of water!  Use a dish pan in the shower to catch rinse water, put one foot in at a time and wash up, then pour gray into a milk jug using a water bottle with bottom cut off for a funnel, sit jug by your toilet for flushing.  No need to turn on your water pump to flush. You will run out of gray water capacity first, so conserve when possible.  When making coffee, set percolator in sink and fill with hot water, don’t waste that water heating up, save it, but then go shower while water is warmed up.  To freshen wet a wash cloth and heat in microwave.  Instant spa treatment…sort of!  It’s actually easy to dry camp, or boon dock if you prepare and practice.  Try what works for you and go have fun!

Claudia Rutherford