Finally, I have some positive news to share!  It’s been a long summer, but not for Terry and Belinda Moorefield, as they purchased a new coach, a Heritage!  For all of us that know “Muffin”, we know he and Belinda are super busy making this coach their own.  They also have said the past months have been the longest time period they have EVER stayed put at their spot in Florida.  Good for them! Safe travels and miles of enjoyment to them!

The Harrington’s have been putting on the miles out west:  They are visiting RMNP again this year, then up-to Yellowstone, Glacier, Tetons, Bryce, Moab, Grand Canyon and SW Colorado before heading east to Mountain Falls and River Bend.

And Barbara and Carl Bullock have also been putting on the miles out west putting their new 2020 Dream to work:  To travel or not to travel.  That was the question we asked ourselves since March when the COVID 19 virus started to become a story on the nightly news.  We had already made plans to travel out West to see some of the National Parks.  Would they be open?  As the States started to shut down, we decided not to make any decisions as our travels were planned for mid-July.  Late May came and the States started to open. Yipee, we are heading West. Late June, some States were seeing a resurgence with the virus; should we go or should we cancel?  As we, and I’m sure many of you, debated the pros and cons of traveling during a pandemic, in the end we decided that life is too short so enjoy it as much as you can. So, goodbye to our home in Pennsylvania.   We are now on the road for seven weeks, visiting with friends in Michigan, tickets for the musical in Medora, Yellowstone, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Moab, Durango and Estes Park.  We are masked up, keeping our social distance and washing our hands.  Whether you decided to stay home or travel, be safe.

And for us????  We finally ventured out in August, as we joined the Great Lakes Chapter for their rally at Hearthside Grove on Lake Erie, in Geneva on the Lake, Ohio.  What an easy 7 hour drive for us, Route 80 straight across PA, up 11 a few miles west on 90 and we were there!  This resort just opened in May and GLC was their first rally. And what a great time!  Our fellow NE friends the Kukurkins were also there.  We golf carted everywhere, into town with cute bars and restaurants, went fishing on Lake Erie and caught 29 of the best walleye ever!  Took some to a local bar where they prepared them for us, and brought home 10 pounds each! 

I highly recommend a visit to this resort, although in its infancy, it will be fun to watch the 1-3 bedroom homes go up as folks purchase their lots, plus all the planned amenities.  Thank you to the GL chapter for inviting us and showing us a great time! 

I’d like to share a positive experience we had acquiring a new mud flap for back of the coach.  On our way home, we hit a big dip going into a fuel stop, snapped our mud flap right off.  I made some calls, including REV, and Featherlite where we purchased our coach.  End result, had our new mud flap in 48 hrs, minimal shipping for that big thing!  Their price and shipping rate was by far the best price.  Impeccable service by Michael Bolf and crew at Featherlite in Sanford, FL! Over Labor Day weekend we went to Lake George with our daughter and family, stayed again at Moose Hillock RV resort.  We had our rally there last fall and love this spot. Very family oriented, huge sites that are very private in a woodsy setting.  From there we stopped for 5 days in Saugerties, NY for our grand daughters horse show.  Endured torrential rain one day, but we survived and had a great show with Reese showing her pony.  Early October we make our way to Mountain Falls in NC with a group of friends including many that are not only AC friends but also from River Bend, where we all winter. From there off to Gaffney SC for annual Freightliner service, then on to FL.  Here’s to a fun, safe but different winter.  We won’t be able to make the National in LA, hope a great time and rally is had by all!

I always close with “keep your eyes open for you never know who you may meet along the way”, and I’d like to also add to keep some of our members facing health issues in your prayers as well.  Believe in the power of prayer!

Safe travels and God Bless,
Claudia Rutherford
NE President