Northeast Chapter News


Greeting’s members!

Spring is several weeks away here in the northeast with temperatures still quite chilly, or just down right cold!  Temperatures are projected to be in the low 40’s in Maryland, in the low teens in Maine and anywhere in between for the rest of the area.  Many of our chapter members are wintering in sunny Florida and enjoying temperatures in the 80’s.  Just a few weeks ago the temperatures in Florida were below 32 degree’s.   A bit chilly but it was short lived. For those of us wintering in the northeast, we begin planning for the start of our camping season.

We think about the typical maintenance on our Coach.  Oil changes on the engine and the generator and new filters are typical.  But there are many other items to consider.  Reconnecting the waterlines disconnected for drainage while winterizing. Flushing antifreeze from the water lines and sink drains, and let’s not forget those in the washing machine and dishwasher.  Replacing the water filter in our refrigerators and the water filter on the incoming water line.  And then consider sanitizing the fresh water tank.  Don’t forget to restock and refresh items in your pantries!  After we do all the spring tasks, where are we going?

For many of us, we will be heading to Camp Hatteras in May for the national ACA rally being hosted by our chapter.  I am looking forward to the rally getting a chance to talk with friends at evening happy hours and the planned dinners.  But after the rally, then where.

There are many possibilities in the northeast.  Maine has Bayley’s Camping Resort, Vermont has Apple Island Resort, New York has Moose Hillock Camping Resort and Swan Bay Resort and Pennsylvania has Drummer Boy Camping Resort.  These are a few of our favorite places that you may enjoy also.

Consider coming to the northeast and explore our campgrounds.  But above all, be safe as you travel.

Michael Tanger
Northeast Chapter of the ACA