Welcome to summer in the Northeast!  For us that means most of us stick pretty close to home, with occasional trips with family and friends.  I reported in my last article some of our member’s plans, nothing too spectacular since then.  For us we are staying very close to home, enjoying gardening and just being home.  For lots of NE members our travel time is in the winter months to escape the cold and bad roads!  For anyone escaping the hot humid south and needing travel tips in our area let us know….we have members all the way to Maine that could offer suggestions!

Don’t forget about our Fall Rally at Lake George, NY in September.  The Andersons have been working on the plans, and we are now adding a catered dinner, supplied by the chapter; also a boat cruise, and of course the balloons!  More info can be found on our FB page, NE Chapter of the ACA.

Enjoy your summer and Fall traveling!  Keep your eyes open, you never know who you might run into!

Claudia Rutherford, NE