This is my last contribution to Across America as my NorCal Nor/West president term will be ending. The last two years have gone fast. Looking back, two rally‘s that come to my mind are the unforgettable Winchester Bay Clambake and the regional rally as well as the Yosemite or Bust at the new Black Oak Casino RV resort.

Winchester Bay is a beautiful location on the Oregon coast. Salmon Harbor RV park is right on the river, bay and harbor. The weather was spectacular. Who would have expected T-shirt weather on the Oregon coast in mid-October. There were plenty of activities including beachcombing and crabbing with lunch on the dock. A chowder cook off turned out to be hugely successful. The grand finale dinner would be hard to top. A clambake with all the fixings included lobster and fresh oysters. Remember the Jenga game? I was amazed to see the competitive nature in the rally attendees.

The Yosemite Rally really took on a special character. We purposely invited SOBs and children or grandchildren. This was a summertime rally at a wonderful facility with a beautiful pool and patio. SoCal and Southwest pitched in to make a great time. Everyone who attended the live performance of Beauty and the Beast had a special time. My grand kids still talk about it. The pool party and entertainment was excellent. We were all relieved when one of the kids nearly drowned but was rescued successfully. That was a close call. We had breakfast on Father’s Day served and bussed by the kids. The grand finale dinner and the program included a message from our president Tony Ford. It was getting late in the evening so some of us just could not stay for his entire message. Actually we had set up Tony and we all got up and walked out in the middle of his address. That was hilarious.

As we plan ahead a wonderful rally is scheduled at Jackson Rancheria. Craig and Chris will be hosting so you will not want to miss it.

We are still working on the chapter merger and we are hoping to present our final proposal to the ACA Board of Directors while in Lake Conroe Texas at the national rally this year.

The very best thing about being involved in the American Coach Association is the deep lifelong friendships that Jeannine and I have made. We are blessed in many ways and the friendships through ACA are cherished.

I have to thank Doug Thompson for many years volunteering for our organization. Doug did many things very well. We will miss him as editor of the magazine and the web guy for sure. Few people know the in’s and out’s of ACA as Doug does. We really cannot thank him enough for his incredible contribution to the entire organization. Here here my friend.

Glenn Caldwell