This month I’d like to draw your attention to our national website Our webmaster Doug Thompson has developed a wonderful website full of information for our members. The website even includes full digital versions of our magazine ACA Across America which Doug is also the editor. If you have not visited the website in a while I highly recommend you take a look at it again. Doug is always improving the interface to benefit the membership. You can find information about each chapter, our officers, and you can even sign up for the national rally. Check out the rally calendar because no matter where you are traveling in this country it seems there is always a rally nearby.

Speaking of rallies, our Jackson CA rally will be hosted by Craig Ortet and Christine Carlson along with Paul Lazatera and Myrna Doerr. This team is really excited to host all of you so please put it on your calendar to come have some fun. Again, go to and find the rally calendar. Don’t forget you are always invited to any other chapter’s rallies.

We are still discussing details of a chapter merger. Southwest Chapter is on board along with SoCal and NorCal/NorWest. Each chapter is developing a strategy for their treasury along with other details and we hope to publish for a vote first-quarter next year. Our final approval is expected to be proposed to the ACA board at the national rally. The merger will consolidate our officers and their duties along with spreading out the workload for rallies and representation. We hope this strategy will bring in new ideas and discover new locations for future rallies.

It’s all about having fun,