We had a great time at the regional rally in Paso Robles. Thank’s Jerry Scott and the whole SoCal team. The park was a beautiful new facility and the rally team did a great job with food and entertainment. As usual Joe and Debbie Darby worked their tails off and the Clapper clan did a lot of fine cooking. So, if you want to enjoy the central California wine country I highly recommend the Cabo Robles RV park.

The Three Chapter re-organization is well underway. Chapter Presidents Scott, Hunter and Caldwell will be presenting our plan to the Board of Directors at the national rally in Lake Conroe Texas. The plan has been thoroughly discussed and approved by the members at the South Dakota national rally and the Paso Robles regional rally. Essentially the three chapters will merge into one. We will recommend our new chapter be named the Great Western Chapter. We will be combining the treasuries and we propose a new dues structure of $25 per year. This will make a huge territory for a chapter and we hope it will generate some enthusiasm to plan rallies in some of our far-off territory. How about we have a rally in British Columbia? How about in Montana?

Our new structure as proposed will be for a president and three Vice Presidents. Bob Clapper past president of SoCal has agreed to step up and be our first president. John Carr, from Norcal, and Richard Hunter, from Southwest, will be Vice President‘s. The hunt for a 3rd Vice President is well under way. Bob will do a fantastic job and I have complete confidence in his leadership.

By the time you read this the Lake Conroe National Rally will be in the past. I’m sure it will be a great rally as the rally committee has spent a lot of time and concentration as volunteers for you.

Our next rally will be at Jackson Rancheria. Rally information and sign-up sheet will be available soon so please come and check out a chapter rally and make some new friends.

Safe travels everybody, Glenn Caldwell