Happy New Year!

Its hard to believe that 2019 is over. We stayed so busy we didn’t even notice the changing calendar pages; that were flipping by at lightening speed.

As I reflect on all the places we’ve been and the people we have visited this past year, I realize how truly blessed I am to live this lifestyle.

With that being said, I thought about mentioning a great rally that was, well, let’s call it a PLAN B rally.  The Tapo Canyon Rally in Simi Valley, not far from the Ronald Reagan Library, was just that.  We arrived a day early, met up with Jerry & Lorretta Scott and Joe & Deb Darby as we followed Glenn & Jeannine Caldwell in and set up camp.  We enjoyed a pre-rally afternoon and dinner around a campfire visiting and getting ready to greet the other members as their coaches would begin to roll in the next morning. Early the next morning, however, we were awakened by Jerry Scott telling all of us of the raging fire that was bearing towards us and the decision was made to evacuate our campground! Our evacuation was successful as we all caravanned to Camarillo. We were able to park our coaches at Jerry & Lorretta Scotts home and continue our rally.  What a fun rally it turned out to be, visiting the homes of the other ACA member that live in the area and just enjoying our chance to visit!  Moral of the story – sometimes Plan B is a great idea!  It was such a shame though that so many that had planned on attending could not due to freeways being closed etc.  Another important lesson is realizing that fire is nothing to mess with!

I want to encourage you to consider attending our Western Regional Rally in April.  This is a three- chapter host rally at a new RV resort. The Verde Ranch RV Resort opened August of 2019, located in Camp Verde, Arizona. The dates are, April 1st through the 5th, they have been adjusted a little to accommodate those attending the FMCA rally in the Tucson in late March.  Check the rally schedule toward the back pages of the magazine.

There is also a rally planned for September 13th through 17th at High Country Roundup Mountain Valley RV Resort, in Heber City, Utah. This is about 45 miles southeast of Salt Lake City.  This is a Southwest Chapter rally that looks to be at a wonderful location.  I’m sure it will be well attended by the three western chapters and look forward to welcoming and having fun with as many as possible from all the other chapters as well!  Which is what American Coach Association is really all about, spending time with and sharing experiences with others that share the same lifestyle.

And remember if you have enjoyed an RV park that would be a great rally site, contact me, we will see what we can do!

Safe Travels and a Happy New Year to each and everyone of you!

John Carr