As our “Summer” trip winds down I must say, we all have a GREAT country to explore, in our beautiful American coaches.

After the National Rally in Montgomery, Texas, we headed North-East with Bob & Becky Clapper, Tom Jordahl & his daughter, Brenda and Gary & Pat Adams.  With a lunch stop in Memphis at Gus’s Fried Chicken, a must stop, and several Honky Tonks in Nashville, it was a memorable trip.

As we parted ways with these dear friends, we met up with my sister and her husband and traveled toward Vermont and Massachusetts to spend time with family. What a wonderful trip, learning family history that had never been shared before and renewing my family relationships.  Being that far East and going through New York we HAD to spend several days in Cooperstown at the “Baseball Hall of Fame”! This little museum called “Baseball Hall of Fame” is sacred ground for baseball nuts like me!

As we were heading “West” from Vermont, we received an email from Bob Carani, announcing the date and time of the Scholarship Presentation at REV Group in Decatur. Dwayla and I held a very short family meeting and decided if we slowed our roll, just a little, we could be in Decatur at the right time to experience this special ceremony.  So, we aimed the coach toward Decatur and headed on out.  It was such a pleasure to see these young adults awarded this monetary gift to help further their education.  And speaking with the parents after the ceremony, hearing how truly grateful they all are, validated what we do as an association of American Coach owners.

Being that this was our first trip to the factory, or course we HAD to take a tour! If you have not done this, well, you SHOULD!

Looking forward to the upcoming rallies.  The Jackson Rancheria rally will have just finished up as of the printing of this magazine.  A lot of hard work went into this rally so I’m sure it’s going to be awesome. The Tapo Canyon rally promises to be one not to miss! Can’t wait to check off another Presidential Library, Ronald Reagan! And, keep an eye out for a rally in the spring to be announced later- things are in the works!

As our horseless carriage gets closer to the barn, I pause to reflect on the wonderful trip we have enjoyed: The friends and family we’ve had the opportunity to reconnect with and the new friends we have made:  The chance to share in the “Celebration” of the life for our dear friend, Skip Deiter, Past President of ACA-NorCal/NorWest, as well as rejoice at the retirement of other wonderful friends! I reflect on the beautiful county we have seen and think of the adventures of what is yet to come. What a wonderful way of life we have an opportunity to live.  Sure, we had to get new batteries and new tires but with only one trip to Freightliner with NO tow truck involved, we considered ourselves very lucky! After all RV does mean “Repair Vehicle” some things are to be expected when you drive your house down the road. 

Please remember to hug your loved ones! Tomorrow isn’t promised!

Happy Trails,                        

John Carr