Hello from Oregon,

As I sit here, in late March, staring out the window watching it rain, again, a few things are going through my mind. First, and most important, is the safety and health of my ACA family and friends. We are living through some uncertain times, during which we all must make changes in the way we go about our everyday tasks. I mean, the constant hand washing is probably a good idea and I’m pretty sure we will see hand sanitizer as well, at group gatherings more often in the future. And how is this going to affect the huggers? We need to stay healthy and that might mean some personal changes. And I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, most of us don’t like changes. “Social Distancing” can be hard for a group like ours, but at this time it is very important. So, make the changes, stay healthy, let’s get this behind us!

The second thing going through my head is ACA Rallies! Foremost, is the Regional Rally at Verde Ranch, in Camp Verde, Arizona and all the work that went into the planning for it. A big thank you to Richard and Gail Hunter, Joe and Deb Darby and Jerry and Loretta Scott! Also, a big thank you to Bob and Becky Clapper for their efforts to bring everything together. Unfortunately, as I’m sure you know, this rally had to be postponed. With that said, we have talked about rescheduling this rally for the Spring of 2021 (sometime AFTER Spring Training Baseball, I hope)! More on this rally to follow.

As of now, the High-Country Round-Up rally at Mountain Valley RV Resort in Heber City, Utah is still on the schedule. Hopefully, by September 13th through 17th, we will be back to normal, so to speak. There is still work left to do on this rally and there is plenty of time to do it. The area offers some GREAT off-site activities; golfing, hiking and ATV & Jeep trails are some of the opportunities close by. And, of course, there are plenty of boutique type places to shop! Just keep in mind, there is only a total of 32 sites for this rally, and with 12 reservations already in the book, well, you do the math!

The ACA National Rally, November 1st through 6th at Paragon Casino RV site, in Marksville, Louisiana, will be our 30th anniversary of American Coach Association. This is one NOT to miss! Make plans to celebrate with us! And you can still be home, or wherever you’re going, for Thanksgiving!

And the third thing going through my head: “Does it always rain this much in the Spring in Southern Oregon???”
As Always,
Safe Travels
John Carr