Welcome to the official web site of the American Coach Association. Approximately 1100 member coaches (representing approximately 2200 active members) invite you to join and get to know us.

We are a national organization consisting of nine regionally based and one full-timers chapter. Each chapter has its own individual by-laws, an independent elected leadership and a purpose that is common to all; to share the RV’ing experience and to have fun.

Each chapter schedules regional RV rallies, usually four or more per year. The national organization schedules two country-wide rallies, normally in May or June and September or October. Rally site locations are selected to enhance the enjoyment.

Our National rallies include members-only and feature organized entertainment and activities, new product introductions, problem solutions, excellent meals and plenty of social interaction. We have a solid 25 year history of member-supported recreation and enjoyment.

Our coach builder, REVGroup, and their major suppliers, provide on-site repair services at each national rally- plus technical advice and seminars. In addition, American Coach dealers provide displays and sales of new motor coaches.

If you own, or are thinking of purchasing a new or previously-owned American Heritage, American Eagle, American Dream, American Tradition, American Allegiance, Revolution, American Revolution or Limited  motor coach, please consider joining our Association. If you would like more information, feel free to call or email me.


Tony Ford, President
American Coach Association
Phone: 702-540-0319

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