Well the 29th Annual National Rally is now just memories. We in the SCC want to thank those of you that helped make this rally a success. There were beautiful coaches to view, parts to buy, repairs that were done. Not forgetting, great food, wonderful entertainment, fabulous decorations and fun activities that were offered. I hope everyone had a great time. Now we can look forward to the 30th National Rally to be held in Louisiana. Get ready to “Let the Good Times Roll.”

Since I’m new to this “President” title I find that you as a member of ACA are very fortunate to have a national board that works hard for you and has your best interest at heart. So, when you meet up with one of the national board members thank them for the work they do.
Summer time is ahead of us so enjoy friends, family and your American coach. Load up the grandchildren whether it will be for two hours or two weeks and let them know what “roughing it” is all about! We aren’t promised tomorrow so enjoy the day at hand. Please drive carefully and defensively during your travels. The average person doesn’t realize what it takes to stop a “big rig.” I confess first hand that I didn’t know until I applied the brakes to stop.

Be sure to stop and smell the roses along the way and be thankful we are blessed with our freedoms and a great nation to enjoy them. Till next time, pray for our country’s leaders, armed forces, first responders and those in need.

Safe travels,
Kitty Nicholson