To all South Central ACA Members,

This is a hard one to write in these times right now.

First I’d like to address everyone’s health and well being. I hope and pray none of our members have contracted the terrible and deadly Corona Virus (covid-19) that has crippled our country for the past 2 months. The time spent in our “stay at home” self quarantine has been rough and has hopefully flattened the bell curve on this pandemic the U.S is facing. It also gives us time to reflect on what is important in life; like family, friends, God and our country and not necessarily in that order.

Six weeks or six months from now we don’t know how different things might be. Be smart and do the things the CDC recommends to keep us all safe and healthy. What happens on the other end of this world crisis and what we can learn from it will definitely be a game changer for all of us. I do believe we will defeat this virus and have a cure/ preventative vaccine within a year. Many brilliant minds around the world are working relentlessly to make this happen.

The National ACA Board, I believe, will be having some tough decisions to make in the near future in regards to how group events and gatherings will be handled and how state and local jurisdictional regulations might come into play. The future of rallies might change with “Social Distancing” practices that we all now know, and are becoming accustomed to. Group dinners and campfire chats/socials might have to be curtailed for awhile. The restaurant industry will change with seating arrangements to accommodate more space between guests or drive-thru and pick-up only restaurants will become the norm. Social interaction has been changing rapidly over the past few years with the smartphone, becoming to many of us, our sole means of communicating. But to some of us, Emoji’s and abbreviated words don’t have the same effect or meaning as much as human interaction or a calming voice.

That’s just evolution, I guess. I look forward to rallies and human interaction in the future, and hope we can continue the RV lifestyles we are accustomed to and familiar with. I am writing this on the day our SCC Board is having a conference call and made the hard decision to cancel our Spring Rally in Kerrville in May. Our commitment to the VA Dogs of Texas to fund their next VA assist dog will still go to them in May, and at a future date we will celebrate with them this accomplishment.

Whatever the case is, we will adapt and figure it out. We have to look for the brighter things that can make a positive impact on everyone’s lives. Solutions to problems make us stronger in the long run. Stay informed, seek the facts and with God’s help be kind and compassionate to all human beings.

Todd Boorman
South Central Chapter