Hi folks!  Well, Summer is over in some places but the heat is still hanging on in my neck of the woods.  Fall is just around the corner, whether it feels it or not.  Hope everyone got out in their beautiful American Coach and enjoyed the travel around the country visiting the sights that surround us from seas-to-shining-sea.  I hope your travel will bring you fond memories in the years ahead.  Even though I have not been able to travel much this year I would suggest to anyone the beautiful part of Southern Utah.  It is one of my favorite places to visit along with Central City, Colorado, in the Rocky Mountains west of Denver. The RV park overlooks the old mining town.  The weather is always great except in snow season. Check it out! 

Just one more shout out for our South Central Chapter and the fabulous job they did in May, at Conroe, Texas.  Can’t express my gratitude enough to our members.

Until the next time, please remember and pray for those that are sick; our nation; and those that wear a uniform and protect our freedoms and keep us safe.

God Bless America,      

Kitty Nicholson

South Central Chapter