As summer approaches, I hope we all can get out and enjoy our American Coaches on the road. By the time you read this, our Spring Rally in the first week of May in Eufaula, OK. will have taken place and the June National Rally will be just around the corner. I know the South Central Chapter will be well represented at the National Rally in Granby. We plan to attend and spend some of our summer in the beautiful state of Colorado before moving on to Utah and Arizona. Colorado is full of wonderful National and State Parks along with some exciting small towns and activities to enjoy. I know some of our group that will be traveling by caravan to areas in Colorado will enjoy the beauty of the Rockies and all the rivers.

I’d like to thank Robin & Myrna Fagala along with Gary & Rosa Stephenson for hosting the Spring Rally as well as all the first timers who joined us. It was a great success and I hope everyone enjoyed it. I am planning to announce where our Fall Rally will be held in the next issue and on our website soon, with expectations of making it a Regional Rally.

On another note: Some of us in the National ACA have had e-mail hackers send out bogus e-mails asking for you to send gift cards or money to organizations or people in need.  Please don’t do anything with these e-mails except delete them. I, myself and others who have been hacked, would never ask for anyone to do what these e-mails ask. Look carefully at the e-mail address of the sender, and you will see that it did not come from me or anyone in our organization.

Travel safely and think about joining a caravan up to Colorado for the National Rally.

Todd Boorman
SCC President