We’re heading into spring and that means time to get that motorhome back on the road. SoCal has been busy.  We had our annual “No Rain Rally” In Feb.  This rally is hosted by Pat and Gary Adams and always sells out fast due to limited spaces.  Great food with the highlight a steak dinner at the VFW club next to the campsites.  Fun was had by all.  We are in the process of finalizing the details for our Western Regional Rally April 1st-5th in a beautiful brand new resort in Mesa Verde, AZ.  Montezuma Well National Monument, Indian Maiden Falls, Cliff Castle Casino, and Sedona are all sights to see while in the area.

At this rally, we will be discussing the consolidation of the So Cal, NorCal/NW Chapters. The future holds changes and new experiences for all of us on the West Coast. I have been in this club for a long time and change like this is not what I had envisioned. Our industry and our club has been changing and unfortunately this is a sign of the times.  We will go forward and continue to make this the greatest owners club in the market.  As a result, we will be restructuring and this will probably be my last article as SoCal President. 

Please remember our military, police and firefighters for all they do!

Debbie Darby

SoCal Pres