We are certainly living through the most unusual crisis our world has ever seen.  We had some wonderful rallies scheduled for our So Cal members for the Spring.  We had the 7th Annual Regional Rally scheduled for Apr 1-6 at a new park near Sedona, AZ.  This virus was just beginning and we were deciding whether to cancel the rally; the park decided to close, and the rally was postponed.  To when is the big question. The Ronald Regan Presidential Library rally that had been evacuated due to a fire, had been rescheduled and it had to be cancelled.  As a result, there will be no more SoCal rallies.  As of July 1st, we will become part of the new Great Western Chapter.  We will also have a new leader the new territory, Bob Clapper.  At this time, John Carr will be a Vice President.  We have an opening for a 2nd Vice President as the person voted on for this office has since resigned from ACA. Lots of things happening as we move into this new reality. The good thing is we all have time right now to work on getting everything in order.  The new Great Western Chapter has a rally schedule for Sept in Utah.  We are keeping this on the schedule for the time being, hoping we will be back to some type of ‘normal’ by then.

This pandemic is especially scary for those of us over 70.  The statistics show that we are most likely not to recover if we contract it.  Joe and I began self-quarantining the beginning of March since he was scheduled to have a very serious surgery Mar 31.  Of course, the surgery has been postponed, but we have been told to continue in full quarantine until it can be performed.  This time at home with quarantine restrictions has given us all time to reflect.  As all thing’s we cannot understand, I believe God has plans that we are not privy to.  It makes me think that he has been watching and said, “Wait a minute.  What is this world coming to?  Maybe we need a reset for everyone to take time to contemplate how they are living.”  It is a time to reflect how we treat one another.  What are our goals for the rest of our days?  How can we do more to help and to be more considerate of, and thoughtful to others?  Let’s make this time productive with our thoughts.

Lastly, I want to give praise to all of the people who have chosen to put their health at risk to help those in need. To the nurses, doctors, pharmacists, paramedics, police, fire, grocery store workers, delivery people, custodians and janitors who clean and sanitize and all of the volunteers who have pitched in when our world is in need.  GOD BLESS YOU!  

Stay safe, healthy.  Hopefully we will meet again down the road in a few months.

Debbie Darby

SoCal President