Hello everyone. We’ve had a great year so far, I hope you have, too.

Here’s a little saying that I really like. “If you change nothing, nothing will ever change.” Over the course of the past many months our national board of directors has been looking with great diligence at what needs to change to keep ACA a healthy and viable organization.  It is not always easy and there will always be some disagreements, but without change what will ACA become? 

As our chapter continues to coordinate and discuss the future with our friends and neighbors to the west and northwest, I am pleased to announce a new rally in the heart of the mountain west, centrally located for members from SoCal, NorCal/NorWest and all of our SW membership.  Preliminary planning is underway for a rally in Heber City Utah at the Mountain Valley RV Resort, Sept 13-17 2020. One of the reasons we are able to offer this rally at a great facility, in a great location and at a great time of year; is advance planning and a long range commitment from several members from our respective chapters to assist and participate.  Even then, space will be limited and signup and payments will be needed well in advance of the typical timeframes.  I am still working out the details and will get them out to everyone later in the fall.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me.  For more information on the resort and the area, please search Mountain Valley RV Resort and The Heber Valley.

Lastly, (as I write this on September 25, to meet the Oct 1 deadline) I suddenly realize that this is for the November-December edition.  Yes the holiday edition!  So with that note, I want to wish each and every ACA member and their families a safe and enjoyable holiday season.  May it be one to remember!

Enjoy that American Coach.  Best wishes,