Hello again. I hope everyone is looking forward to Spring as much as I am. This time I am writing from the road as we have been out and about in the Southwest.

Do you remember the old saying that variety is the spice of life? Do you ever stop to think how many times we do the same things the same way time after time? Certainly sometimes we do the tried and true because we like it. Sometimes we do it because it is easy. Sometimes we are just afraid to step outside the box. Yet, often times stepping outside the box brings a sense of adventure and enjoyment that we might otherwise never experience.

Over the past few weeks Gail and I have attended two ACA rallies. The first was the Western Regional Rally at the Cava Robles Resort in Paso Robles California. For a regional rally the turn out was small, about 20 coaches. None the less and in spite of less than ideal weather everyone had a good time. Some of us played golf, there were daily games, wine tasting and as always good food prepared by our SoCal chapter hosts. For us this event fits neatly in the box of tried and true. It brings ACA friends together in a beautiful location and they enjoy time together.
Next stop was the Southwest rally in Alamogordo New Mexico. With some creativity from past National President Bill Dettmer, we made a big step out of the box. If you read the description in the previous magazine, you know that this rally was about historical education and perspective. Not to say we didn’t have our customary social hours, pot luck and dinner out, but our focus was on other very well planned events. We had excellent presentations about the Apollo space program that lead up accomplishing President Kennedy’s mission to put a man on the moon. We traveled to the Trinity Site on one of only two days a year that it is open to the pubic and we traveled to the Sun Spot observatory high in the New Mexico Mountains. Every day trip involved a part of American history that in some way probably touch all our lives.
So how many attended? Well we had 9 coaches and 20 members. Yep smaller than our first stop. Yes, we dry camped in the Space Museum parking lot and though not without a few difficulties and a call to RV Debbie, we all survived. Again, we enjoyed good friends and good times.
So is there a point here? Well maybe. As we try to grow ACA and attract new members, It is my thought that we need to mix the tried and true with a little more outside the box. Instead of saying oh that won’t work or no one will like that idea, maybe we need to think a little more about how it could work. Any thoughts out there?

Hope to see everyone in Lake Conroe.