American Dream log date 02/02/2020…Super Bowl Sunday and I am finishing my homework (this article) a day late, but before kickoff.  It is an interesting date and I am sure it has a whole list of mysterious meanings to some; just not me.

Spring is upon us.  Are you ready for the road?  Our planning trip to Verde Ranch, site of the upcoming Western Regional Rally was a success. We have a great team.  Thanks to Jerry and Loretta Scott, Joe and Debbie Darby and John and Dwayla Carr for joining us and helping organize what looks to be a great rally April 1-5.  Registrations will have closed before this publication, but if anyone has a last minute desire to join the fun please give me a call.

On an equally important note, the cutoff date for the September High Country Roundup Rally in Heber City Utah is coming up quick.  It is April 15 to be exact.  As of this writing, we have 11 registrations in hand and are looking for 21 more to fill out our reserved sites.  Please come to Utah. I won’t repeat all the great things listed in the promo, but be sure there will be more than enough to keep everyone busy.  Also this will be the first rally for the soon to be formed Great Western Chapter.

Now that the national bylaws have been amended and approved, our chapter, along with SoCal and NorCal/NorWest chapters is starting the process of closing down our chapters and forming the new Great Western Chapter.  The plan, with no obvious problems in sight, is to dissolve the 3 chapters at the end of the fiscal year, June 30, 2020, and establish the new chapter on July 1, 2020.  We expect the new chapter charter, dues, etc. to be reviewed with the new officers and the combined membership at the Western Regional in April.

It is never too early to float rally ideas for 2021.  If you have ideas for locations and best times of the year, please let me know.  It is a stated goal of the new Great Western Chapter to do our best to visit every state in the lower 48 under our umbrella, Canada, too. To accomplish the goal will take not only ideas but volunteers to help bring us together in your favorite part of the west.

Also, please let us know your thoughts on how best to communicate with you, our membership.  How can we best set up the website?  How often should we email you about events?  Do we need a monthly newsletter?  Would it be nice to do rally sign ups and payments via the website?  And, on a national level, how important is this magazine? This is just some food for your thought.

If you are already out on the road, roll on and be safe. If not, get out there and enjoy that American Coach.