Happy 2020! I hope this New Year finds you healthier, wealthier and wiser than ever before. As I think about the arrival of 2020, I can’t help but think about 1919 and even a little about 1818. Not because I was there or course, but how much has changed in the world based on what we knew then and what we know today. Taking that a few steps further let’s just focus on how we communicate and how fast we can communicate with others around the world. How much has changed in how we use the written word; email, social media, etc.

There was a time when communication by letter between individuals was a common thing. And, because often times the time required to send and receive letters could be many days or even months, fthe writer usually took the time to think about what they wished to write and to craft their writing in a way that sent the complete message and the right message to whomever they wished to communicate. For many writing was a craft, an art, a preferred means to share an important message.

Today we have the wonders of Twitter and Facebook and even stodgy old email.  But do you ever notice that for more times than not, writers in these medias don’t take time to thing first and then write?  It is all about speed. It is all about getting your response at the top of the list.  It’s about my opinion or my position is better and I must be heard. 

Even though ACA is probably 99.9% baby boomer generation, many of us have joined this new world of communication.  Not that, I consider that a bad thing.  On the contrary, I think it shows we are still learning and trying new things.  But do we fall in that trap of writing without thinking simply to make a point?  I follow our ACA Facebook page and even chime in once in awhile.  I think it has become a very good means of sharing what we, as members, are doing and sharing knowledge when a member is in need of a little technical support.  However recently I saw something disturbing to me.  That was clear shots criticizing our ACA president, our national board and specific chapters.  And, as is so typical in these situations, I see statements not backed by facts, but based on suppositions.

Sure, every day we see the never ending social media battle between the political right and the political left.  In many ways it is a civil war of words.  But, personally I would hope we can keep our association out of the gutter and deal with our differences in a way more fitting to our generation.

Off the soap box, I am.

We have two excellent 2020 rallies coming to the Southwest region.  Information and signup sheets have been sent to our membership, posted to the ACA web page and can be found elsewhere in this magazine.  I hope to see you there.

Enjoy that American Coach,