Hello from the beautiful American Southwest.
Do you ever feel that when you volunteer for something, you are actually signing on for much more later on? Yep, that was my thought when I agreed to become chapter VP. The more later has arrived and I am good with it.
I want to give a big shout out to Fred Sotelo for carrying the torch these past few years. Good job Fred. Kick back and relax! Hopefully I can find a volunteer in the not too distant future to take over as treasurer so Stella can kick back, too.
For those of you in the chapter I have not yet met, let me give you a little background about me.
My lovely wife Gail and I both retired from State of Illinois government. We relocated to Colorado and soon found ourselves exploring options for traveling the country. Before too long we found ourselves looking at coaches. That probably came from me being an Illinois farm kid with an engineering degree who likes big things with diesel engines. So, we bought our first coach, a 2002 Fleetwood Revolution 40C, and off we went to see America.
We discovered the ACA reading the magazine while sitting in the waiting area at “Camp Decatur” and figured out our old Rev made us eligible for membership. Given our then Colorado location and our site in Las Vegas Motor Coach Resort, we soon joined the SW Chapter as well. We have attended many rallies in the west and the Nationals in Shawnee and Spearfish. And, we look forward to Lake Conroe in May. Hope to see you there!
Our “starter coach” was replaced in 2014 with a 2008 Tradition 42F and last year at Spearfish we became the proud owners of a 2018 American Dream 45F. Our dream coach for sure.
We have long since sold our Colorado home and have been full-timers for soon to be 4 years. Time is split between Las Vegas, the road, rallies, and Northern Idaho.
This is my second foray into leadership in a volunteer run social organization. Past experience has told me that it takes a team of people who have enthusiasm and a goal to keep improving the organization and events for all the membership. It is great to see this happening today at the national board level of ACA. So if you are one who wants to get the most out of your chapter membership and see us grow, please reach out to me. Team members welcome!
In addition to National, Gail and I will be attending the Western Regional at Cava Robles Resort in California and our Southwest Chapter rally in Alamogordo NM in April. This will be a very unique and interesting event. Please consider joining us.
Rich Hunter