Hello again! I hope your summer, traveling or otherwise, has been as enjoyable as ours.

Here’s a thought. Have you ever considered where your life path would have lead had you not bought your coach?  Sure we have all made great friendships in ACA, but just think of all the other connections that have influenced your life. Gail and I just returned from our second trip to Alberta and British Columbia.  The primary purpose of the trip was the wedding of the son of two of our greatest friends, held at the Jasper Park Lodge, Jasper Alberta.  The trip was a rolling rally of sorts as we and four other couples, great friends as well, hit the road with our coaches for the wedding and then another week visiting Clearwater BC and Oliver BC, the wine capital of Canada.  Great times and good wine!  If you haven’t visited those parts of BC, add them to your list.

So it struck me as I sat down to write this column, that all of these friendships are a direct result of our coach life.  Our common thread in this case is Las Vegas Motor Coach Resort.  We are friends from Canada and the USA; friends from diversely different backgrounds, friends of different ages, friends both still working and retired.  We love the coach lifestyle and we love a good time.

No doubt many of you have experienced the same in your motor coach lifetime. 

So as we continue to address the challenge of keeping ACA a great, strong and vibrant organization, the end goal is bringing people together, creating new and lasting friendships , creating great memories , and enjoying the coach lifestyle.  Sure, like any organization, we have our bureaucratic issues, and disagreements about the how and the why, but they are just bumps in the road.  ACA is a strong common thread that joins us and just like our American Coaches, can and will handle those bumps with ease.

In closing please save the date:

We have set dates and a location for the 2020 Western Regional Rally.  Those dates are March 30, 31, April 1 and 2, 2020.  The location will be the brand new Verde Ranch RV Resort in Camp Verde AZ.  Details are still to be worked out, but make your calendars now.  I promise a great time.

Drive safe, be safe and enjoy that American Coach,